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Buda-Fests 2014 Edition

Buda-Fests 2014 Edition

Budapest is often referred to as a Festival City and it’s not hard to see why, in addition to the huge Sziget music festival in summer, the months either side offer up a wide range of events to appeal to culture vultures and foodies alike. Rosalia – Rosé Wine Festival 9 May 14 – 11Continue Reading

EU Enlargement 10th Anniversary

10 Years Ago Today

Today is the tenth anniversary of the accession to the EU of ten countries, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. All except for the Mediterranean islands are destinations that we offer. The day is being commemorated with events in all of the countries to mark the occasion, just asContinue Reading

GPS in Europe – Rent, Buy or Download?

GPS in Europe – Rent, Buy or Download?

We frequently arrange rental cars for our guests to get around Croatia and Slovenia and we’re often asked about GPS so here’s the low-down: Rent Unless specified otherwise car rentals don’t normally include GPS. One reason for this is that rental companies tend to charge up to $20/day for GPS rental, capping it at aroundContinue Reading

Michelin Star Grazing in Central Europe

Michelin Star Grazing in Central Europe

For some people visiting new countries doesn’t just mean sampling traditional local cuisine, it’s also a chance to visit some of the world’s finest restaurants. The Michelin Guide has long been held as the ultimate arbiter of the best eateries on the planet (whether one agrees with that or not!) and the latest edition wasContinue Reading

Pula – a day trip from Rovinj

Pula – a day trip from Rovinj

Pula is full of Roman sights; temples, arches, and gates are all to be found there but by far the most impressive, and still in use today, is the Pula Arena, a Roman era amphitheatre. A trip here is a must for anyone interested in Roman antiquity. Pula Arena The Arena is a popular venueContinue Reading

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