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Excursions in and around Berlin

With a city as rich in history as Berlin just wandering around is an education in itself and the impressive museums on Museum Island and the German Historical Museum close by are packed with exhibitions covering many periods and subjects but to truly get to grips with the city's history nothing beats a guided tour. For anyone interested in the history of the Berlin Wall we suggest a trip to the Berlin Wall Memorial visitor center.

We offer a choice of Private and Group excursions, use the checkboxes below to filter this list.


Per Person
12 € (17 $)

Berlin city tour

Delve into the history of Berlin with a tour that charts the city's development from the time of the Teutonic Knights through to its key role in the major events of the twentieth century, as capital of the Nazi Third Reich, as the divided city of the Cold War, and as the modern capital of a unified Germany in the new Europe...

Per Person
15 € (21 $)

Cold War Walking Tour

Starting at Checkpoint Charlie, where the Cold War powers formerly faced off just yards apart, we describe the routines and duties of Border Guards, the Soviet and Allied forces, Stasi and CIA. Get an extraordinary insight into...

Per Person
20 € (28 $)

Jewish Berlin Walking Tour

See the site of the ancient Jewish Cemetery where Mendelssohn is buried, and understand his significance in world philosophy and Jewish history. Walk through the courtyards where working-class Jewish immigrants...

Per Person
as low as 33 € (46 $)

Private City Walking Tour

Our private walking tours are the ideal way to see the city, strolling through the city on foot allows you to take in the sights at a more leisurely pace. During the tour the guide will regale you with stories of...

Per Person
22 € (31 $)

City Bike Tour

Our City bike Tour provides you with a perfect orientation to Berlin, regardless of if you're new to this great city or have experienced it many times before. You'll understand all facets of Berlin in one tour...

Per Person
25 € (35 $)

Potsdam Bus Tour

Enjoy a relaxing and harmonious journey through cultural, art- and architectural time during our sightseeing tour through Potsdam and see among other sights the historic sections of the city...