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St. Petersburg

  | Russia
"The brightest jewel in Imperial Russia's crown"

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St. Petersburg Sights

Russia’s second largest and westernmost city, St. Petersburg possesses an imperial splendor that is second-to-none. The city has changed names numerous times over the years, from Petrograd to Leningrad and now St. Petersburg, a fact that attests to its uniquely complex and diverse nature. With a recently redeveloped waterfront and a completely revamped historical district as well as a plethora of world-class restaurants and art galleries, this is truly a renaissance city. Long known for its hedonism, St. Petersburg today is a well-rounded and welcoming tourist destination, especially for those looking to do something a little different.

St. Petersburg Tourism

Built by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg was designed to dazzle. Much of the architecture here is stunning, and you don’t have to go far to find something beautiful to look at, from the Hermitage museum to the grand Peterhof Summer Palace a few miles around the bay. This is also a city of history and culture, with incredible museums and performance halls such as Mariinsky Theatre and the Shostakovich Philharmonia, where you can enjoy some of the finest ballet and classical music in the world. American citizens need a visa to travel to St. Petersburg, and we can assist with all the paperwork, through there may be an additional fee on top of Russia’s visa fees.

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Things to do in St. Petersburg

You certainly won't have a lack of things to do in St. Petersburg. Getting the low-down on the city's three centuries of history is step one, best accomplished with the help of an expert local guide on a private walking and driving tour. The Hermitage Museum itself could take years so to make things a little easier we can arrange a private guide to show you around and make sure you see the collections that are of most interest. Two palaces outside of the city itself are on most people's must-see lists. The Peterhof, a summer palace facing the water of Neva bay just a few miles out of town, with impressive cascading fountains and Pushkin, where you'll find the Rococo Catherine Palace can both be experienced best with the help of a guide.