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"Fashion Capital of the World"

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Milan Sights

Milan is a city that seethes with energy. Italy's business and fashion hub, Milan is also the home of the nation's stock exchange. But don't let the city's professional side fool you: this is a place that prides itself on history and culture, and the locals always seems to be having a good time. Milan's signature building is the Duomo, an imposing Gothic cathedral that sits in the heart of this former Roman capital. The combination of its size and beauty make it a must-see sight. You can also look forward to elegant evenings at the legendary La Scala opera, charming cafes and restaurants, great shopping opportunities and breathtaking art and architecture.

Milan Tourism

Besides being the home of Da Vinci's Last Supper, Milan is also rich in art galleries, from the old masters to contemporary art. This being Italy, you'll find delicious cuisine here too, and the "aperitivo" is one of the most interesting traditions of Milan gastronomy. At many of the city's cafes and bars in the early evening you can pay a slightly higher price for a drink and get your pick from a free buffet. It's one of the best ways to experience the different flavors of Milanese cooking. Milan is also a perfect stop for flight connections to other areas of Italy and elsewhere. The compact city center means that one or two days here will be enough to satisfy your curiosity.

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