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Once part of Czechoslovakia and still on good terms with their Czech cousins since the Velvet Divorce of 1992, Slovakia refers to itself as the 'Little Big Country'. With a population of just five and a half million it's not hard to understand the Little part of that slogan, so what's the Big part about? The natural envornment, essentially. Always less developed than the Czech lands, Slovakia is much more mountainous than its EU-member neighbors, Poland and Hungary, with a wealth of ski resorts in the various mountain ranges that are part of the Carpathian Mountains that cover much of the north of the Country.

The capital, Bratislava, sits on the Danube, less than an hour by road or rail from Vienna. Much smaller than both Vienna or Prague and lacking a little in grandeur, Bratislava's highlights are condensed within a compact area on the north bank of the river. Bratislava makes for a good alternative to Vienna if you're looking to break up the journey between Prague and Budapest with an overnight stop somewhere but don't think of it just as a place to lay your head. There's plenty to see and a city tour combined with a trip out to Devin castle on the border with Austria will be worthwhile we feel.

The High Tatras are an altogether different proposition. We have included them in our destinations list to provide some variety to the usual city destinations in Central Europe. If you're looking to stretch your legs properly, de-stress, pamper yourselves and get some serious hiking in all at the same time, then a one or two night stay in one of the luxury hotels we've picked are just the ticket: elegant spa areas, lake or mountain views from your window and as much clean fresh air as you can handle. A little over half-way by road between Budapest and Krakow, so best reached by private transfer, this isn't a stop for everyone but we feel it provides an opportunity not to be missed.

Like neighboring Austria, Slovakia is in the Eurozone, but you will find prices here at a lower level than in Austrian cities. Surrounded on three sides by other Schengen area nations, travel through Slovakia is hassle free.

High Tatras

"Absolutely first-rate experience. A special shout-out to our in-country liaison, Darja, who was outstanding in all ways, even calling us mid-trip to make certain that everything was well. Just a delight. Keep up the great work. Hope to travel with you again in the not-too-distant future."

Dorothy & Scott

Dorothy & Scott

Sedona, AZ

"Jayway provided our family, on its first trip to Croatia, with all the necessary information and recommendations to make the experience one of the favorite stand-outs in our traveling jaunts. All in all, we had a wonderful vacation, and will recommend Jayway to any and all friends who plan to see Croatia."

Lysbeth, Lindy, Michael & Mike

Lysbeth, Lindy, Michael & Mike

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